Why is my conversion rate so low? What is really affecting my conversion rate? Which change will dramatically improve it? Read on, and learn one way how to drastically improve your ecommerce conversion rate.
Nov 28, 2022
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1 Big Reason Why Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate Sucks

Does This Apply To Me?

You've already created an amazing website, it's mobile friendly, easy to use, and of course you're selling a great product.  Otherwise, if your website has technical issues or a product that sucks this article won't help you, instead head back to the drawing board and fix that first.

You're here because you're ready to scale, and you need to lower your acquisition cost and increase your ROAS (return on ad spend), and the most effective way to do that  is by improving conversion rates across your site.  

To dramatically increase conversion rates, let’s discuss the points that underpin them and dig into the primary element that affects conversion rates drastically for ecommerce sites. We’re talking about the core CRO tip that applies to you, not the ones that are online from here to the wazoo.

So, What's The Key To Get High Conversion Rates For Ecommerce?



You kidding me?


Ok, here it is;

Content! Content is the key to unlock higher conversion rates. 

Actually, it’s both, content earns you trust, trust converts them into customers, more customers equals higher conversion rate.

How Content Increases Conversion Rates?

  • Keeping users more engaged
  • Users stay on the site longer
  • Building trust

The more time visitors spend on your site the higher the conversion rates will be.

Who could forget this… “add social proof and reviews", yeah yeah, the most regurgitated piece of advice in CRO history. Who believes what they see online, we’re all skeptical of what we read online. Yes add reviews of course, but there's more to earning trust than online reviews.

Just another website with a long list of reviews.

To your right is an image of a website that just filled up their site with a long list of reviews, in the hopes this will convert more visitors into customers, but guess what, I'm not convinced they have earned my business just because I see a long list of reviews from raving anonymous web avatars.

It takes more for your visitors to trust you with their money and believe your company will deliver on their expectations. 

Turn your product page into a rich, full length landing page. The content on your website makes all the difference, it's how users judge whether you're a legitimate - tried & tested - trustworthy business.

If it already has content then update it, optimize it, get feedback what they do and don't like and make sure it's easy to read, add bitesize content so it's digestible.

Expanding your page with quality content is the trick.

Engage visitors with headlines, explanations, diagrams, graphics, FAQ's, highlights and/or explainer videos. Adding links to other pages throughout your site especially keeps them engaged and moving throughout your website, so link to other content such as products, category pages or other articles.

No I didn’t say fill it with gibberish and nonsense,  it absolutely needs to be a full content-rich page. Keep the content concise to keep them from getting bored, concise doesn’t mean short, it means concise (Google it).

No one said it’s easy, but the effort will pay off with drastically higher conversion rates.

Wait wait.. 

We might as well add in one more tip to help you significantly boost conversion rates by building even more trust.


I know, I know, the word is abused. But I'll keep it short and simple. 

While there's many explanations for branding, here’s my take;

The goal should be to differentiate your brand and make it memorable, a unique message to differentiate, alongside a coherent design scheme to make it memorable. Have it designed so that the icons, font, and the colors used throughout the design scheme for all marketing content, work together to create a recognizable and memorable brand.

Yes, it’ll require a professional, and yes, unfortunately it’ll cost. But when done correctly, the return is much greater. Your website visitors can tell when the design is home made, and users simply don't trust home made websites on this murky dark place also known as the web. “Simple, OK, or good enough” won't cut it, we're past the early days of the web, way past. So put together a d*mn good website, and when I see your ad, I go; “hey I saw that yesterday”, then you know you have a memorable brand.

There you have it, 2 ways to improve your conversion rate for your ecommerce store.

Don't just read this, take action, any action, 1 step leads to another, and you never know how far it'll go, keep on going and don't give up.

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